PestFix ULV Cold Fogger - 220V AC Mains - 10-150 Microns - 5 Litre Tank - Care Home Shopping

PestFix ULV Cold Fogger - 220V AC Mains - 10-150 Microns - 5 Litre Tank

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  • For use indoors for biosecurity space treatments & flying insect control
  • Powerful professional ULV Cold Fogging Machine
  • 1000W motor 220V 50 Hz mains operation
  • For cold fogging of indoor spaces
  • 10-150 microns adjustable particle size delivery
  • 5 Litre internal tank
  • Atomisation Volume: 470 ml per minute (adjustable)
  • 12 month back-to-base UK warranty
  • Supplied with Chinese plug and adaptor 

Mix Steri-7 5L concentrate for use in the PestFix ULV Cold Fogger externally first in a suitable container in accordance with the chemical manufacturer's label. Do not mix concentrated chemicals directly in the machine's tank

Do not fill the machine with more than 5 litres of diluted product at a time

Rinse the chemical holding tank in the machine thoroughly after each use and allow to dry before storage

Do not store the machine in areas subjected to freezing temperatures or in direct sunlight

Always read the label on the chemical container and act in accordance with the statutory conditions of use

Placement During Operation

  • Never place fogger directly on the floor, always elevate to keep dust and moisture out of fogger
  • Do not operate fogger in enclosed or small areas for more than 30 minutes.

Delivery Method

Courier 1-2 working Days - DPD