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Why Join Us?

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Increase Brand Awareness

  • Created and backed by Issac Theophilos, one of UK's top Care Home Consultant.
  • You'll not only keep your brand name, you'll also be part of the Care Home Shopping family promoted by Issac.
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Dedicated Store

  • You will have full control of your Store and its products.
  • API integrations are available if you already have your own Product & Stock Management System.
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Safe & Reliable

  • We verify your product documents with our experts to protect you and our customers.
  • All to add reliability and trust to your business.

How Does It Work?

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Register as a Supplier

  • Onboarding with us is fast and easy. You'll have your own Store to manage your account, products and sales.
  • All suppliers and their products are first verified before becoming active.
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Marketing Campaigns

  • As part of CHS, your products will be included in the promotions managed by Issac and his team.
  • Products & Services will be promoted fairly on our website and newsletters. Dedicated Marketing Campaigns are also available.
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Fair Commission & Quick Transaction

  • Comission and Transaction Fees are only charged after sale.
  • Payment is instant and will be visible in your merchant account. Bank Transfer Process usally takes 7 working days.

Membership Plans

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CHS Supplier

Commission and Transaction Fees Apply
  • List your Store
  • One-off Setup Fee - £99 *
  • 5 Products *
  • Online Marketing Add-ons
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CHS Service Provider

Commission and Transaction Fees Apply
  • List 5 Different Services
  • Product or Service Promotion on our Blog Space (Max. 3 Blogs per year)
  • 1 Week Front Page Advertisement
  • £499 p/a (Non-refundable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the care suppliers?

Care suppliers are suppliers who are ready to supply residential care homes, nursing care homes, learning disability services, mental health settings, dom care companies, supported living and other care settings.


What standards are required to become a care supplier?

As you will be supplying a regulated sector, you will have to have strict quality control measures before selling any product/services through us. We will check your company registration details, and we will require appropriate certificates that you intend to sell through us. Customer will have the right to ask for your certifications.


Do I need insurance to sell?

Yes, you will have to have product liability and other insurance required to compensate for any risks that may arise by using or selling your products.


Can customers leave a review for my products?

Customers can leave product and seller reviews publically on The product reviews can be done only by verified customer accounts. Fulfilling the order as per the product description is the key to your success.


What can I sell through carehomeshopping?

You can sell or rent anything through care home shopping—physical and digital products, services, consultancy, training, events etc. There is no limit on what type of items you can sell through


Can I contact customers through carehomeshopping?

If you have listed a product, you can reply to customers only when they ask you a question about the product via your Store page. You are not allowed to leave any promotional material in your packaging and product page unless arranged with us. We hold the right to terminate your account in such scenarios. 


Who should I contact if I want to know more details about selling through care home shopping?

Please email us, One of our friendly team will explain and support you with onboarding.


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