Supplier Onboarding

How it works

Our marketplace offers access to the social care sector across the UK. You can signup and add your products, collect orders and payments through


Your customers are usually Managers or Owners of care homes, domiciliary care, supported living or any adult social care organisation. We want you to provide the best products at a reasonable price for them. They are usually extremely busy caring for the vulnerable people, hence we want you to provide service as described in your product description. Any time away chasing the order and getting products refunded is taking their time away from keeping someone safe. 

Fees and Requirements

Membership Plans - CHS Supplier and CHS Service Provider

CHS Supplier

A one-off fee is charged to register and process your business on our database and to cover for verifying the documentation of the 5 products.

Suppliers can list more than 5 products but will require a £10/- charge for each additional product in order for product documentations to be verified.

A sales commision will be taken when a sale is made.

Card Transaction Processing fee: 2% on total amount. Note:- this is not refundable in the event of a refund/return.

Products must be on the UK floor ready to be delivered to customers - for queries about oversea products, please contact us.


CHS Service Provider

Service Listing Fee: £499/year (*Subject to change) Contact us for more details.


Dedicted Online Marketing Campaign

Advertising Opportunities - We will provide bespoke consultancy and strategies to help you to reach care home market. Contact us for more details.


Products and orders

You can add your products through our online platform. All products are approved by our team before going live. Once your products are live you will receive email notifications with recipient details for each new order. Stock can be tracked via the platform to avoid over selling.


We use stripe as our payment processor, all payments will be deposited into your bank account connected with your stripe account. Your first payment will be 7-14 business days after your first order with subsequent payments every 2 business day (learn more).

If you don't have a stripe account the instructions below will guide you through creating one.

We do not take any payment details from you or the customer. It is all handled by stripe. 

What you need

In order to get started you need the details of your UK registered business and bank account.

Meeting the compliance

Any items you are intending to sell must follow the government regulations before it is being sold to customers. As an additional layer of ensuring the safety, our internal compliance team will request for certificates, test reports, safety data sheets, Declaration of conformity certificates, company details and any other relevant proof to ensure the items you are selling meets the standards. By signing up you are indemnifying us for any liabilities in relation to the products you selling and for any breach of trading standards. We collect feedback on the orders to ensure the quality of the service/ product provided. The customers will be able to leave reviews for your products and services which will be automatically displayed on the website.


By signing up you agree to our standard refund policy. Please read it here.

Get started

Download the checklist to help you with the registration process.

Download Checklist

To start, click the button below and complete the form.

Supplier signup

After you have filled the form, follow these steps to complete your Seller Account

  1. Click "Join Now" at the bottom
  2. Add stripe
    1. Go to Orders > Stripe connect config
    2. Click "Add stripe account"
    3. Add your business details
  3. Add products
    1. Products > Product Listings, and click "Add Product"
    2. Enter the product name
    3. Product type should be one of the existing types (aprons, eye_face_protection, fluid_resistant_gown, gloves, iir_surgical_mask, respirator). If you product does not fit into one of these please contact us.
    4. Please add a description, this should include policy details such as processing time, shipping time, shipping method (including tracking details), return policy.
    5. Add product weight
    6. Add pricing details (Note prices do not include taxes)
    7. Add inventory details (SKU, quantity)
    8. Add an image (Menu on the right)
    9. Click "Save Changes", all products are reviewed before going live. Please allow up to 4 hours for a product to be reviewed.
    10. Repeat to add all your products
  4. Add shipping details
    1. Go to Configuration > Shipping Configuration
    2. Enable Marketplace Shipping
    3. Under actions "Set as default"
    4. Follow instructions - note only UK shipping is supported
  5. Once your products have been reviewed they will appear on the website and customers can start ordering.


How do I get in contact?

Please email or 0333 090 4225

How do I know when my products are live?

You will receive an email.

Can the customer see my profile?

Yes, customer can see the seller profile. You will have a seller page(Store) within our website. The customer can contact you from there to ask questions, see your products and services, choose you as a favourite seller or your products, give feedback and see your Business Policy.

Set a minimum purchase amount for orders

To change the default minimum purchase quantity: Go to Configuration > General Configuration, enable "SET A MINIMUM PURCHASE AMOUNT FOR ORDERS".

To change indivildual prodct's MOQ: Go to each product's page to edit, scroll down to the 'Variants's section and edit each variant of that product and its MOQ.

How to add invoice details?

Go to Configuration > Invoice Configuration

How do I accept an order?
  1. Go to Orders > Orders Listings, select the order and under Action select view.
  2. Under FULFILLMENT DETAILS select Accept or Reject
How do I know when someone orders?

You will receive an email

How do I update my products inventory?
  1. Go to Products > Products Listings, select the product and under Action select Edit.
  2. At the bottom in the Variant Details section select the variant and under Action select Edit
  3. In the INVENTORY DETAILS section update the QUANTITY
How do I update my products price?
  1. Go to Products > Products Listings, select the product and under Action select Edit.
  2. At the bottom in the Variant Details section select the variant and under Action select Edit
  3. In the PRICING DETAILS section update the Price