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Why Join Us?

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Increase Brand Awareness

  • Created and backed by Issac Theophilos, one of UK's top Care Home Consultant.
  • You'll not only keep your brand name, you'll also be part of the Care Home Shopping family promoted by Issac.
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Dedicated Store

  • You will have full control of your Store and its products.
  • API integrations are available if you already have your own Product & Stock Management System.
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Safe & Reliable

  • We verify your product documents with our experts to protect you and our customers.
  • All to add reliability and trust to your business.

How Does It Work?

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Register as a Supplier

  • Onboarding with us is fast and easy. You'll have your own Store to manage your account, products and sales.
  • All suppliers and their products are first verified before becoming active.
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Marketing Campaigns

  • As part of CHS, your products will be included in the promotions managed by Issac and his team.
  • Products & Services will be promoted fairly on our website and newsletters. Dedicated Marketing Campaigns are also available.
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Fair Commission & Quick Transaction

  • Comission and Transaction Fees are only charged after sale.
  • Payment is instant and will be visible in your merchant account. Bank Transfer Process usally takes 7 working days.

Membership Plans

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CHS Supplier

Commission and Transaction Fees Apply
  • List your Store
  • One-off Setup Fee - £99 *
  • 5 Products *
  • Online Marketing Add-ons
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CHS Service Provider

Commission and Transaction Fees Apply
  • List 5 Different Services
  • Product or Service Promotion on our Blog Space (Max. 3 Blogs per year)
  • 1 Week Front Page Advertisement
  • £499 p/a (Non-refundable)