About us

Issac Theophilos

We are on a mission to help social care. Carehomeshopping.com is created by Issac Theophilos, the author of the book How to get outstanding. Carehomeshopping is an online marketplace where you can compare products from many sellers to make an informed purchase decision. 

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Issac was frustrated with the issue of non-availability of the PPEs to our front line care staff in social care. Many new suppliers are reaching out to social care with the supply they have. The care managers do not generally have the expertise to verify if the products being supplied are genuine or not. The purpose of this website is to promote genuine suppliers who sells products that meets the quality specifications at reasonable prices to care homes and domiciliary care. Creating a market place will help buyers to choose based on the quality, delivery times and price. 

How do we quality assure?

We are aware that there are so many fake products out there. We do not want any of our customers to face the same issue. 

We do the following to ensure the products sold are fit for use. 

  • We do our due diligence on the companies applying to sell through us. We find out their motivation and how they are involved in sourcing the products. 
  • Our experts verify the certifications of the products they are intending to sell. 
  • We seek feedback on all the fulfilled orders. We use that feedback to continuously improve our systems and process. 

If you are a seller please contact us at sellersupport@carehomeshopping.com

If you are looking to purchase a product email us team@carehomeshopping.com