Actionable steps to improve health and wellbeing among social care staff

Wellbeing for social care staff

COVID pandemic has significantly affected people's wellbeing, both for the general public and care workers. The world is still waiting to see the consequences and aftermath of COVID pandemic. The problems of unemployment, poverty and recession are yet to hit us. 

But the good news is, this is not new. Our ancestors have seen worse. They have witnessed plague, recessions, horrific war, unemployment, malnutrition and many evils of their lifetime. But those who stayed without losing hope did survive. Many of them have thrived despite the difficulties faced during their life. 

One such example is Captain Tom Moore, with his positive mindset and determination at the age of 100, have raised more than £20 million for NHS. 

We have been speaking to many people working social care. Most of them are stressed, afraid and worried about the situation. 

Government has launched a webpage on improving the wellbeing for the social care workforce. But not very much used or accessed or acted by many care workers.

Improving the wellbeing was not on the highest agenda for social care workers due to the following reasons. 

  • Already struggling with day to day management. 
  • Working in shift pattern. 
  • Managers do not have the time to take action. 
  • Do not have enough money to invest in accessing resources such as a coach or mentor. 


This is the time for action 

Yes, this is the time for action. It is the time for care providers to start working on the wellbeing side of their staff. It will help you to have a company with high morale in the long run.

Are you facing this?

  • Is your staff stressed about Covid situation?
  • Are you worried about your own health?
  • Is your staff missing their relatives who live in another country?
  • Is your staff worried about money?
  • Is your staff worried about partner's job?
  • Is your staff worried about their children going back to school?
  • Is your staff questioning you for things that you do not have an answer?

Then you must start doing something about it now. Not tomorrow. 

Step 1

  • Nominate a staff wellbeing champion. 
  • The champion can find out what all the staff is doing keep their wellbeing high such as running, dog walking, knitting, reading, meditation and so on. 
  • Create a wellbeing notice board.

Step 2

  • Create a goal for each person. 
  • For example - Staff A - will do 1 hour of meditation next week. 
  • Staff B - Will do dog walking for 5 hours next week. 
  • The goal has to be tangible and easily achievable. 
  • Start a Whatsapp group to share what everyone is doing. 

Step 3

  • Consistency is the key. 
  • Wellbeing champion to do a weekly review with everyone. 
  • Celebrate the achievement of the goals by displaying the photograph of achieving a goal. 
  • The employer can choose to give a 'gift or bonus' on achieving the goal, or it can add up score marks for a bonus. 

Step 4 

  • If you have found this blog useful or has motivated you to take action, please share your team achievements with We will let the world know about it. Share your tweet with @issactheophilos.
  • Hey, you can also create goals for your residents too. Then you can do it together. Please don't forget to share with us. 
  • Most importantly, please do not forget your Manager's wellbeing too. The actions should always start with the Manager. 

You may be thinking, this is sort of obvious, and we all know it. That is fine too.

The world would be so different if we all did what we already knew. 

Be eccentric in promoting the wellbeing of your staff; you will see your care business being very successful in a few months. 

Best wishes, 

Issac Theophilos


Resources from care wellbeing guru - Sophie Coulthard

  • Dealing With Trauma - Guide For Care Companies
  • Dealing with stress
  • Supporting staff wellbeing

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