Why should you buy from carehomeshopping.com?

The website carehomeshopping.com is started by Issac Theophilos with the frustration of difficulty in finding the sources for PPEs for his care home clients. Upon research, it was identified that there are a lot of parallel suppliers selling genuine products. 

  • Some of them were genuine. 
  • Some of them did not meet the UK specifications 
  • Some were charging inflated price. 
  • Some suppliers did not know how the social care sector works. 

Issac spends a whole day trying to find suppliers for desperate care homes affected with Covid. Then found out some genuine goodwill hearted sellers. 

Our mission is clear - bring all the genuine and passionate sellers under one umbrella to serve the need for social care. 


You can compare the quality and price at one place from multiple sellers. 


There will be a clear description of when the items will be delivered to you. We will ensure sellers are keeping the promised time. Please bear in mind, most of the PPEs are imported now. There are tight restrictions and scrutiny in exporting items from different countries which may delay your delivery. The stocked items in the UK should reach within the specified time. 


As a Manager, you do not have time to check if the product you are buying is meeting the regulatory standards. We will do all the background checks for the product displayed. If you receive a product not meeting the description please contact us at team@carehomeshopping.com

Carehomeshopping.com is created to help the care homes, domiciliary care and supported living sector. We want to make life easy for social care managers. 

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