UCL study reveals care home residents receive substantial protection from the first dose of vaccine


Image courtesy: Pixabay

Here is the summary of the UCL study on vaccine efficacy for care home residents. 

  1. The test results were monitored using PCR test results. 
  2. PCR test results from 10,000 residents with an average median age of 86. 
  3. The data analysed was from December till Mid march 2021. 
  4. 56% protection achieved in the first four weeks of administering a single dose of vaccine, and reaching out to 62% by five weeks. 
  5. The efficacy remained the same for Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine. 
  6. Infection occurring after the first dose of the vaccine were classed as "weaker" positive cases. 


Further details about the care home study can be found here. 

UCL original article can be found here. 

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