PPE predictions for the next few months for social care

We have been speaking to so many PPE suppliers in the last few weeks. Based on the information gathered, our possible predictions are as below, which is relevant for social care in terms of accessing PPEs. 

  • Gloves - The price of gloves will be going up exponentially. The current production is not meeting global demand. 
  • Masks - There will be plenty in supply. Majority of the social care organisations are smaller providers. They will have to pay between 50p to £1.2 to get it. Smaller the order, the high price will have to be paid. 
  • Gowns - Access for care homes will be limited but pricey, nearly impossible for smaller orders. The NHS is in acute shortage of gowns. Hence no one has time to worry about providing gowns for social care. 
  • Alcohol hand gels - Plenty available. 
  • Cleaning solutions - There shouldn't be an issue with supply. 
  • Aprons - Slight increase in price as the UK stock is running low. But plenty available from abroad. But it may not meet the CE mark or the UK specifications. We may have to live with what we have got. 

Thousands of social care organisations in the country will be struggling with their cash flow in the next couple of months—especially very small providers who do not have a financial reserve to get through this crisis. 

The government could at least help by taking off VAT for essential PPEs such as gloves, aprons, gowns and masks. 

We are onboarding sellers with a stock of PPEs to serve the social care sector. If you are one of them email us at sellersupport@carehomeshopping.com

Our customers are hardworking managers to keep people safe. We do not want them to chase orders or faulty products. If you can deliver a fantastic service, please join us. 

Let us all work together to get over this crisis smoothly. 

Social care needs your help. 


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