PPE is now VAT free for social care

The government announced today that as of May 1st all personal protective equipment (PPE) purchased to combat COVID-19 will be VAT free. The VAT holiday will last three months until July 31st. 

It has not yet been detailed exactly what is considered PPE but it is safe to assume masks, gloves, gowns, visors, and goggles will all be included. More details are expected to follow.

The move will be welcomed by the social care sector and is expected to save more than £100 million in VAT payments. The tax cut comes after import duties were also removed on PPE. However, care providers are still struggling with the extra costs associated with providing additional PPE to their staff.

More may be needed to assist care providers trying to access PPE. Shortages with traditional suppliers have caused mangers to turn to less known suppliers. But this has its risks. Price gouging has become common place as suppliers know care homes are desperate to access PPE. Fake products have also become more common.

Care home shopping is helping to solve this problem by creating a market place for suppliers to compete on price, quality and delivery. Suppliers and products are verified to ensure they are genuine and met the UK standards.

Many thanks to the National Care Association, Care England, UK Home care association and National Care Forum for representing the sector to remove VAT on PPEs for social care.

Let us all work together to get over this crisis smoothly. 

Social care needs your help. 

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