Infection control in care homes - Ten crteria to self-assess against the regulatory requirement.

The code of practice document for the Health and social care act 2008 in meeting infection control precaution in social care sets out ten criteria to prove your compliance. Not all the requirements apply to all the settings.

  1. Systems to manage and monitor the prevention and control of infection. These systems use risk assessments and consider the susceptibility of service users and any risks that their environment and other users may pose to them
  2. Provide and maintain a clean and appropriate environment in managed premises that facilitates the prevention and control of infections.
  3. Ensure appropriate antimicrobial use to optimise patient outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse events and antimicrobial resistance.
  4. Provide suitable accurate information on infections to service users, their visitors and any person concerned with providing further support or nursing/ medical care in a timely fashion.
  5. Ensure prompt identification of people who have or are at risk of developing infection so that they receive timely and appropriate treatment to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to other peop
  6. Systems to ensure that all care workers (including contractors and volunteers) are aware of and discharge their responsibilities in the process of preventing and controlling the infection.
  7. Provide or secure adequate isolation facilities.
  8. Secure adequate access to la bora tory support as appropri
  9. Have and adhere to policies designed for the individual’s care and provider organisations that will help to prevent and control
  10. Providers have a system in place to manage the occupational health needs and obligations of staff in relation to infection.




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