How to avoid Requires Improvement in the Responsive domain on your CQC inspection?

Activities are covered under Responsive domain in a CQC inspection. Most of the time, care homes are rated RI in this domain is due to lack of person-centred activities.
Our care home expert Issac Theophilos's tips on how to achieve a Green in Activities below.
  1. Collect the social history of the person on admission
  2. Develop this as you collect more story from the person or family. 
  3. Develop a care plan with the person on how they would like to spend their days in your care home.
  4. Deliver activities that are 'meaningful' to the person.
  5. Ensure you have evidence to show what sessions were offered and how well did they receive it. 
There is no limit on how you can make a person's life more exciting. Remember, Responsive is the easiest domain to achieve Outstanding in any CQC inspection. Most care homes don't sell this well! 
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