Government consultation on amending the use of agency staff in care homes

The Government faced much criticism for many care home deaths during the first wave of COVID. Hence they are doing everything to prevent from happening again. 


Currently, the Government has released its intention to completely prevent staff movement between care homes, as the studies have found that higher use of agency staff was one of the reasons for spreading the infection. (Source). Although many other factors contributed to the spread such as discharging positive patients from hospital to care homes.


The proposal indicates that the providers not to use a frontline worker who has worked in another setting within the last 14 days. This law applies to all the staff, including agency and bank staff. 


If you intend to use agency staff, you will need an exclusivity arrangement with the agency for block booking. Those staff should have access to your weekly testing. 


This proposal does not apply to community practitioners and other professionals who are not involved in direct care. 


Immediate implication for you will be doing a staff forecasting and find out if you have enough staff for the next few months. CQC is a bit more thorough this time, as their lack of action was heavily criticised during the first wave. Unsafe staffing levels can lead to enforcement from CQC. 


We all knew it was coming; now, it is the time to act. Ramp up your recruitment process to hire more staff if required to do so without any delay. 


You can find more details about the proposal here. 


Keep safe, 


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