Freeing your staff to deliver care, while visitor booking is automated

Yesterday I joined the adult and social care club, and it was a great session, as you could imagine when Issac Theophilos talk about outstanding care!

Towards the end, I was amazed at that American woman (Maria?) as she talked enthusiastically about activities and activities coordinators in care homes.

She had a great story, and it made me deeply reflect on my over ten years of work experience in the care home sector.

I was fortunate to work with many care homes, and most of them had great activity coordinators. However, the investment from care providers to activities and activity coordinators was often low. Some homes were not even providing activities on weekends!

Activities in care homes certainly make them feel alive, maybe a bit more than all nutrition provided.

It's sad since the family visits are controlled; most care homes ask their activity staff to organise and manage family visits.

Activity coordinators and often worked too much, and their working hours were less compared to other staff. Within that time frame, now they are asked to do more, and they have to compromise on the activity side.

One of the best feedback I enjoy from the care homes about MeetMyBrian is how much time we managed to give back to the staff to deal with the activities rather than booking in visitors.

If you are a care home, and if you are using activity staff to manage visits, the next best thing you could do is to email us at to arrange a demo and see how to free up their time to spend them with residents for meaningful activities.

Activity staff are for activities. Don't take Covid-19 as an excuse for a poor customer or service user or resident care.


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