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Care home visiting decision making tool

The Care home visiting decision making toolkit is based on the Department of Health and Social care guidelines, last updated on 15th October 2020. Please make changes yourself if you are downloading after an update from DHSC.


How should you use this tool kit?


  • Understand the principles of developing a dynamic risk assessment. Dynamic risk assessment is risk assessment done as a continuous process to identify and strategise mitigation plans. 
  • Suppose you are caring for people with Mental capacity issues. In that case, you may have to make a decision based on how effectively you can enable visits based on the cohort of residents you are looking after. 
  • In such cases complete the spreadsheet and check how much impact it may create for the particular residents and others. 
  • Review the tool each time when the DHSC or Director of Public Health releases any updates. 
  • Senior management, along with representatives of the residents to collectively review circumstances leading to the decision to be made. (Without disclosing the identity of the other residents and their shielding status). Write down the name of the people involved in the decision making.
  • You can show CQC how you make your decisions around visiting by using this tool. 

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