Changes in shielding guidance from 1st of August

The guidance for people shielding from COVID19 changed on 31st July 2020. 


Key points are as below.

  • People can go back to work, but the workplace has to be Covid free but should carry on working from home if it is realistic. 
  • The employer should support individuals to work safely from home. 
  • The individual can claim the Access to Work grant for buying specialist equipment. 
  • Shielded people will not be eligible for Statutory sick pay from 1st August. 
  • If you have a local lockdown, a shielded person will still be eligible for SSP if not working. 
  • A shielded person's family will be eligible for annual free flu vaccines. 
  • A shielded person is allowed to visit shops and supermarkets, should follow social distancing guidelines. 
  • A shielded person can still be furloughed before October end due to a local lockdown if they were furloughed before. 

Keep safe. 

 Team Carehomeshopping

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