Care homes - Don't sell beds, sell feelings

The occupancy rate and enquiries are significantly low in many areas of the country. We are hearing the patterns that no new enquiries are coming in at all. The media hype on care homes is not helping either. The psychological fear of going into a care home for the public is at a record high. 

Vulnerable people are trying their best to stay in their own home as much as they can. Of course, that is the best option for them. But there comes to stage when it is no longer safer for the extremely vulnerable people to be supported at home. These people need to live in a care home with full support from the staff. 

"Don't sell your beds, sell feelings"

Any enquiry you get now is very much precious for the existence of your care homes. It is time for your staff to step up their selling skills. Few tips to help you to impress the person walking in through your door below:

  1. Always remember people buy on feelings, not you describing the facilities. 
  2. Describe how your facilities will help the person rather than boasting about your five-star facilities. 
  3. Inform your team about potential viewing. 
  4. Impressing someone coming for viewing is a team effort. (Not just the Managers job)
  5. Tell your team the importance of improving the occupancy for the care home, because money is needed to pay their salary. 
  6. Be very curious about their needs; listen more. (More than more). Give solutions to meet their needs. (Rather than what you do for someone else with the same needs).
  7. Show them around. Help them to communicate with other residents who can explain their experience of living in your care homes. 
  8. Ask one of your residents with the capacity to join you for the part of the viewing. 
  9. Ask one of your best carers to join you or take one part of the viewing. 
  10. Remember, 'quality' is the best marketing tool for your care home. The more number of stars you have, easier it is to improve the occupancy. 
  11. The last one - remember they are buying you, because of your personality, commitment, passion and knowledge. See how you can improve yourself after each viewing that didn't go well. If you were successful ask them what made them choose your care home. The same reason should be enough for another person in the same situation. 

Wishing the very best. 

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