Can your care home resident go home during Christmas?

Christmas in care homes



2020 Christmas is going to very different from our usual celebrations. Hopefully, there would be a light at the end of the tunnel by next year. But the risk levels remain high. Care home closures are still happening around the country. Effective clinical leadership and following the government guidelines are the best tools to tackle COVID. 


As per the government guidelines released on 3rd December, the following points apply.



  • Visits out of care homes should only be considered for care home residents of working age. (It does not mention about the elderly residents)
  • Preferably visiting the care home by their relative is always the better option in terms of reducing the risk of catching COVID from the community. 
  • Care home to do a risk assessment. 
  • A care home resident may form a bubble with one other household, and should not create a three-household Christmas bubble at any point.
  • The resident to follow all the social distancing and hygiene measures while they are at home. 
  • Family members should reduce the risk of catching coronavirus. 
  • Test the resident before and after the home visit. 
  • Isolate the resident upon return. 


DHSC will release further details shortly through the publication of relevant guidance.

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