Social care business - how robust is your COVID risk assessment?

The government has launched the "Adult Social Care Risk reduction framework" to standardise the risk assessment process in place for the adult social care workforce. It was developed in response to request and concerns from the employers and workers in social care.


In summary, as an employer, you must assess the risk of people getting COVID from your care organisation. The risk assessment should cover measures taken to protect staff, residents, volunteers and visitors. 


The risk assessment should be developed bespoke to the type of service you deliver. But we are listing some risks that you should consider mitigation when designing your assessment for the pandemic.


Residents or service users:

  1. Shielding or clinically vulnerable residents. 
  2. Lack of mental capacity with understanding and following the advice. 
  3. Accessing communal areas. 
  4. Hospital appointments. 
  5. Monitoring symptoms
  6. Testing
  7. Accessing public places
  8. Travel or transfer.
  9. Meeting visitors. 
  10. Insurance cover
  11. Mental health wellbeing during pandemic lockdown



  1. Age - 70+
  2. BAME origin
  3. Clinical conditions such as COPD, asthma or similar. 
  4. Shielding or clinically vulnerable. 
  5. Allergy to PPE materials. 
  6. Outside work interactions. 
  7. Monitoring symptoms
  8. Testing
  9. Travel history
  10. A household with shielding members. 
  11. Effective use of PPE. 
  12. Infection control practices 
  13. Training and competency
  14. Handling laundry
  15. Handling clinical waste
  16. Staff uniform
  17. Workplace exposure 
  18. Decontamination process
  19. Handling the deceased. 
  20. Handling patients with Coronavirus.
  21. Process of being up to date with the changing guidelines. 
  22. Availability of PPE
  23. Staffing numbers contingency plan
  24. Insurance cover


  1. Effective screening process
  2. Social distancing measures
  3. Public liability insurance
  4. Use of PPE
  5. Potential exposure

The government recommends you to follow PHE guidelines. In case of a potential outbreak or concerns, the rationale for the deviation from following the PHE guidelines will be questioned in the eyes of the law. It is definitely impossible to completely eliminate the risk of developing COVID, but having a robust mitigation plan will help you to plan those scenarios early. 


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