A fresh perspective on digitalising the care suppliers market. Happy birthday, carehomeshopping.com.

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April 2021 marks the first anniversary of carehomeshopping.com. We are celebrating the birth of the first online marketplace for the social care sector. 



Carehomeshopping was created at the height of the pandemic when smaller care providers were struggling to source PPE. Issac Theophilos, the co-founder of carehomeshopping.com was trying to source PPE for his consultancy clients, then realised that many sellers would like to buy it in bulk and sell it in bulk. Of course, this system was suitable for corporate providers as they had their bulk buying power. But not for the majority of the care providers. A large number of smaller care providers became the victim of price inflation started to destabilise the sector. Carehomeshopping.com become the first online marketplace for the social care sector. It provided an opportunity for sellers to come together to sell to a much fragmented social care market. 


Initial learning

Ensuring the quality from the start was a must for us. We verified all the sellers and their products before being displayed on our website. Although the prices listed on our website were initially very high, they came down as many competitive sellers started onboarding with us. You will be surprised at how many rogue sellers approached us with low quality and fake products during the height of the pandemic. We had to say 'no' to all of them. But most were ethical and suitable suppliers who onbaorded with us.


Quality assurance

With a small team, we screened all our seller and orders. We onboarded an expert to verify each product before it was going live on our website. After each order, we called all our customers to check if they have received the items listed as per our website. We built the functionality for customers to do a public review for each product. Of course, we had few complaints, but we acted as an intermediary to sort all the problems as soon as they came to our attention. The priority for us was no one should receive unsafe care because of us. 


Customer base

We have a solid customer base who trust carehomeshopping.com. Most of the visitors to our website are repeat visitors. Our subscription list is growing every day. Most of our clients are smaller care providers; any saving they make is a lifeline for these small businesses. As they do not have bulk buying power to get a discount, they spend hours researching online for better prices and quality. The time utilised for hours of research is the time taken away from the core activity that delivers care. Carehomeshopping.com is the answer for the bulk of social care providers. 


Demand for online shops

The demand for the social care sector remains rapidly increasing without any doubt. The pandemic has exposed the one aspect of vulnerability faced by the sector. The social care sector is heavily fragmented; anything fragmented means it will get exploited in different ways. Many online market place has become million dollars establishments in consumer-based markets. The same model will be in demand within specific sectors such as the social care market because people are becoming savvier in comparing products and services online. 


Future of social care supplier market

  • The traditional reliance on one or two core suppliers will be non-existent in a decade for smaller care providers due to flourishing online market places.  
  • The tendering opportunity may continue the same, but corporates will move towards the best savings without any rebates to marketplaces. The cost of tendering becomes unjustifiable due to marketplaces in a decade. 
  • Technology will disrupt and bring more savings for the customer.
  • The government will bring policies on guaranteed stocking of essential items as a part of the regulatory requirement. 
  • It will become easier for new suppliers to enter the social care market through channels such as carehomeshopping.com. 
  • Social care customer will become savvy in comparing apples with apples online, without an intermediary. Intermediary services will become non-existent. 
  • Public online reviews about companies and products will become very common. Quality suppliers will stand out. 
  • The manufacturers will start distribution through online marketplaces to keep the cost down and make their products competitive. 
  • The big boys such as Amazon will look for growth opportunities for business customers such as the social care market, or similar will evolve from the sector, such as carehomeshopping.com. 
  • The demand for quality continues to increase in such a digitally competitive and transparent environment. 



What success did sellers achieve through us?


Price was the primary factor in predicting the success of the seller. Competetive sellers gained a lot of traction through carehomeshopping.com. Some service providers recieved the best leads through carehomeshopping.com in comparison to all other advertisment channels they used.


What is the future of carehomeshopping.com?


Considering the tech disruption of the supplier market in the social care sector, carehomeshopping.com will stand out and continue to evolve in the digital age. Suppliers who understand where the tide is going will understand the relevance of online marketplaces soon. The customers will always look for savings and quality; online marketplaces is the only answer from now on. Thank you for your continued support for being a customer, seller or just a wellwisher. Share this article on social media if you believe in our concept of bringing all the sellers together in the social care sector. Think about how much time you can save by just going to one place to shop!


Next steps for you as a reader:

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